Our Values

At Medicim, we say 'a healthy mind in a healthy body'. We strongly believe in bringing people together and supporting their needs to fuel engagement and improve overall performance. We help people grow in an environment where open communication and well-being thrives.

Here are some examples:

Continuous learning through training and coaching, drives people growth, developing both their hard and soft skills. Regular feedback moments throughout the year constitute an environment in which an opentwo-way communication thrives.

Solution-driven cross-functional teamwork drives the innovative development of products.

Our light and open offices contribute to a pleasant and inspiring work environment. With ergonomic furniture and various meeting rooms ranging in size we facilitate efficient and focussed work. Fun and well-being are stimulated through formal and less formal team activities, or the possibility to engage in sport sessions like yoga, running or soccer.

Green incentives such as bike or train allowances encourage our people to link the useful to the pleasant and support the ecological idea. Our offices are located in a strategic and easily accessible location, a two-minute walk from the Mechelen train station.

And of course a great package of fringe benefits is the icing on the cake.